Thursday, December 16, 2010

Paper Piecing bitty bowl!

The little tiny bowl was a lot of fun to make, made from English paper pieced hexagons, 1/2inch diameter each. I thought with it being so small it'd stitch up pretty quick, but being so small, it was trickier than I expected. I got the idea from here, and finally found pentagon pieces online from the States here. The nice thing with this is it uses scraps, which I love! This bowl was my test run, and it turned out cute, but i didn't put any interfacing in it, so it's very flopsy.

So, my next try I made the bowl using 2" sized pentagons and I ironed interfacing inside one layer and it turned out much sturdier, able to be used to hold candies or small things. In the future I'll iron interfacing to both sides for a good sturdy bowl.

I finished the bowl off with a buttonhole stitch around the edges for a sort of homemade/country style look.

And finally, when starting Christmas ornaments this year, I wanted to make little snowmen out of hexagon balls, but after making the first 2, I realized it was going to take ages to make one, so had to revamp my plan.

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