Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bitty Flower Table Topper

I started this last summer, using scraps a little pieces of some really pretty cloth. My Mom got me an acrylic template and pattern from a quilt shop in Temecula (when I look up the information, I'll put in the link), so cutting out the pieces was easy. But, I wasn't precise enough on sewing the pieces properly, and ended up with a lopsided circle...oops! I had to fold over a few of the petals to make a proper circle, and from a distance, I think it turned out pretty nice. Don't look too closely though...

The yellow petal was folded over to balance out the circle

I blanket-stitch-appliqued a center over in the middle

And added some hand-stitching as well as laizy-daisy embroidery with beads for effect.

Julia claimed it at some point and asked me to add some green, so the binding uses a Moda spring fabric which I think sets the whole thing off nicely. (Wine bottle is not for Julia!)

A second flower is in the works, all done in Japanese fabrics. Pictures coming soon!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bento Bags

With three kids needing oBento every day, I set out to make them some cute bags. These are the first attempts, more to come in the future. They turned out just a wee bit too small to include the chopstick cases, but otherwise are really cute!

A tote bag with handles style, including a closing on top to give your lunch some privacy.

The girls want me to try making one with a thermal lining and a pocket for an ice-pack to keep lunch during the summer...that's next on my loooooooong list of projects!

A reversible draw-string style bag that fits nicely into the school bag.

I love making bags, they all turn out so different and are incredibly useful, even the mistakes! And are a good way to use up small bits of fabric.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Little Boy Table Mat

The littlest guy likes to eat breakfast at the coffee table, watching his currently favorite (Pokemon) tv show. Since the table is solid cherry wood and very nice, and since the little guy still spills, I thought a fun table mat would be in perfect order.

I drew the letters for his name free-hand and used fusible webbing to iron them to the fabric, then zig-zagged around the edges to keep them in place.

Added a little tag from some linen ribbon I picked up at a craft shop.

Nintendo Mario was the main theme of the fabric, but I decided to add some balance with this really cute purple fabric printed with Japanese rabbits, I love this cloth, I have to find some more, it fits into so many projects!

And finally, I drew some stars in the middle and machine-quilted them! All in all, it took about an hour or so from start to finish.

Here it is while it was still new!