Saturday, December 4, 2010


Decided to attempt some baby things for some of the new babies in my life...NOT MINE! Don't worry everyone, for friends and family!

Found this adorable caterpillar pattern in a Japanese quilting magazine, and had to make it. Don't know how reliable it is as a toy, I did try to make it strong enough to endure playing, but I think I'd leave it as a mobile or decor.

Yoshi decided to help me model out one of the bibs I put together, easy and fun to make.

The pile of baby boy bibs I made, I have a few leftover, am thinking to list them on Etsy for sale.

Small fabric basket, big enough to hold some cotton, diaper cream and little odds and ends that need organizing.

The bottom of the basket, a Japanese linen-type fabric with hand embroidery embellishing.

Another free pattern I found online for a diaper clutch, throw a few diapers and pocket wipes into it and it's ready to toss in your purse for those quick trips out the door, walks and times when you don't really need a full-on diaper bag.

You can't see it too clearly, but the top has a hand-embroidered feather stitch using scraps of embroidery thread left over from years of cros-stitch projects.

I love playing with colors, that caterpillar is made primarily from scraps with lots of color.

Julia has asked me for a mini-version of this to hang on her school bag, as soon as I have time, I want to attempt it.

Close up of the bib. I did all machine quilting on it, using a multi-color blue thread for the top. But the little hexagon embellishment was hand-sewn.


  1. It's all so, so, so gorgeous!!! Especially loving the caterpillar! xxx

  2. so cute! all of it. and the diaper pouch turned out great. love all the hand stitching. :)