Friday, January 13, 2012


Continuing with my New Year's Sewing Craze, I pulled a random kit off my shelf, opened it up and it was this colorful baskets mini-quilt from The Temecula Quilt Company. So, although I struggle with applique, I decided to sit myself down and do this kit! I was able to finish it up in about 4 days of off and on sewing, including appliqueing the handles and hand embroidering around each basket. Phew! The good news is, I finished off the last season of Smallville during the sewing frenzy!
I used some fabric I picked up locally (by locally I mean, somewhere in Japan, not across the ocean...) to back and bind it, and of course remembered my little 'handmade' tag...
All ditch quilting was done on the machine, but all basket outlines was done by hand using leftover DMC #25 thread from long-finished cross-stitch projects.
Even the best (and amateurs of us) make mistakes. Here's one square that got pretty off-center.

Another basket close up...

As it turned out, I love this little mini-quilt. It's so colorful and yet not overwhelmingly so. It will soon find a new owner as it makes its way over the ocean at some point in time this year!

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