Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bitty Hexagons!

I loved this tutorial for hexagons so much, I had a bit of a Hexagon Craze! Unfortunately, it was such a craze that I forgot to document most of my work, and this is the only picture I have to show for it! With 4 people having birthdays between aug-september, all my work (except for the grand mistakes!) have gone for presents! (Yes, they are all Virgos, in case you were wondering...) They are somewhat time consuming, it takes about an hour to create one project this size (table doily/centerish/sort of thingy), but makes wonderful use of scraps (of which I always have an abundance!) I really tried sticking to a color theme, but eventually the theme got lost in the sewing, yet somehow I think it turned out pretty nice! AND....I got more practice with free-motion machine quilting using my new darning foot! (I LOVE that foot!)

Used a mix of Japanese, waterish sea colors, and modern prints (basically, whatever I grabbed out of the scrap box that was big enough to work with the project).

I did plan to put that flower in the center, a little bit of pre-planned fussy-cutting.
And this was presented to my very good friend Dawn! Love ya babe!

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