Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bento gift bag

Once in awhile I break down and purchase a pattern...and this little lunch bag is one of them. It's perfect, a little drawstring reversible bag with a flat bottom, I love it, and I really love the, I don't know, sort of 60's style print fabric? Made it for my step-daughter's birthday coming up in a few weeks.

Inside is a clover/butterfly print, really cute stuff. It could be lined with interfacing to give it some stiffness, but I like it without.

And using a bunch of scraps I snagged from my Mom's scrap basket, I made a log cabin block on a day I was bored (how the heck did that happen?? Me...bored...wish it happened more often!)

I used a really pretty yet pain the you-know-what thread to machine stitch the outer border...

...and finished it off with my leftover embroidery thread and a running straight stitch.

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