Thursday, April 7, 2011

Little Boy Table Mat

The littlest guy likes to eat breakfast at the coffee table, watching his currently favorite (Pokemon) tv show. Since the table is solid cherry wood and very nice, and since the little guy still spills, I thought a fun table mat would be in perfect order.

I drew the letters for his name free-hand and used fusible webbing to iron them to the fabric, then zig-zagged around the edges to keep them in place.

Added a little tag from some linen ribbon I picked up at a craft shop.

Nintendo Mario was the main theme of the fabric, but I decided to add some balance with this really cute purple fabric printed with Japanese rabbits, I love this cloth, I have to find some more, it fits into so many projects!

And finally, I drew some stars in the middle and machine-quilted them! All in all, it took about an hour or so from start to finish.

Here it is while it was still new!

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