Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tote on Request

Finished up this requested tote bag for my step-mother. I love the fabrics, the darker one is actually a dark chocolate brown with bright blues and greens in it, a bit of yellow, then a soft but bright yellow for the bottom half, which are actually outer pockets, I chose an Amy Butler pale blue with white and greenish grey leaves for the handles. All in all I'm really happy with how it turned out!

For the inside lining I used some lavender fabric and made a couple of pockets with leftover fabric from the bag exterior.

Here is a closer shot of the main fabrics I used, plus my little handmade tag on the edge there!

And finally a side view of the bag. It's large enough to hold textbooks and a few other things too.

The original pattern is a freebie I found online at All People The bag was originally smaller, but as the bag was needed for carrying teaching books, I enlarged it by about 4" in each direction except the bottom. Find the original here: Pick-A-Pocket Purse

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