Sunday, March 4, 2012

Late Night Progress

Stayed up till past 11 last night, wanted to finish this quilt top, it took me just over 2 weeks to iron/cut/piece this together, and all in all, I say it was quick work and lovely fabric to work with! The question is, how long will it take me to now back/bind/quilt it? I can get this far pretty fast, but the last half often takes me a few months, if not years, to do! If I leave the top hanging up over my shelves, I might get to it quicker, just to get it out of the way! Otherwise, I'll move it to some empty wall in the house and figure it looks so pretty hanging there, what's the point in finishing it off?

And then I decided to use some of the small scraps to make some tea mats...this is the beginning, I plan to sew add some plain white or beige to it to balance off the brown which is rather overwhelming

And since it wasn't quite 11 yet, I figured, I've got all my tools out, why not cut the white square backgrounds I need for my grandmother's garden quilt, so I cut out 4 11x11" squares and pinned the grandmother's flowers to them, prepping for machine applique sometime in the near future:

Then I debated whether or not I should pull this project off the wall and complete it or not (decided not, since it was 11 now and my eyes were starting to blur images). This will become a table runner for my daughters' piano teacher whom they have been going to for close to 12 years now:

And finally, (didn't make THIS at 11, but earlier in the day) I managed to make the 18-y/o's birthday pie (chocolate cream) and we had pie together to celebrate her becoming an adult!
Ooops, this is the finally! A double-wrap men's bracelet with lots of black, grey, touches of crystal and moonstone, with one of the beautiful new buttons I got from the States this month! This already has 2 orders put in for it! Yeah!

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  1. Wow, productive! Love the first one - beautiful colours!