Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quilty Placemats

Continuing with my theme of 'Presents for Grandchildren!' I stitched up these two placemats for a couple more grandkids celebrating birthdays! (When one has many siblings, kids, friends and grandkids, one is always busy making something or other)! I used buttons to create holes in the e's and a...I thought it was kind of cute!

Here's a closeup of the free-motion machine stitching I did...

I did actually start off wanting to take pictures of the process...Here is picture one with the letters machine appliqued to the top strip... I used fusible webbing to iron the letters on, then a small tight zig-zag to applique them.

Next step was to sew the main body of fabric to the name strip...

Then I layered it with batting and a backing, and binding [Love the purple binding with little Japanese rabbits on it, one of my favorite accent fabrics!]

Then I walked away from the project, and forgot I was taking pictures when I came to finish it off!

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